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How to create an info file to the module?

There is $inc object that allows you to store information about modules. Module information system can move as follows.

Code in fw_modules/mymodule/info_mymodule.php

//-------your module group name------------//
//-------group information-----------------//
$inc->lib['group_'.$modname]['author']='Bc. Peter Horváth';
$inc->lib['group_'.$modname]['your_own_key']='my own info';
//-------your module group function--------//
$inc->lib['function'][]='test function';
$inc->lib['function'][]='smile function';
$inc->lib['function'][]='good function';

This saves the information about the module to RAM during execution of the script.
Information will be publicly available throughout the system.


Creating basic module

PHP code needs to be divided into multiple parts? Use OpenSencillo modules. You can then create logical units separate from the source code yourcode.php.

Obrazovka z 2015-01-28 19:41:35

  1. Open folder fw_modules.
  2. Create folders that will have the name of your module (for example: mymodule). At least one file in the folder must contain the name.
  3. Open folder mymodule and create info_mymodule.php, install_mymodule.php and main_mymodule.php. If you not use prefix, lib_identificator.php bootup module as basic code without installer.
  4. Add to info_mymodule.php simple information about module.
  5. Enter code to install_mymodule.php to install the module database tables, and other code needed for installation.
  6. Use main_mymodule.php to insert any code that need to be separated. Code shall be made for the introduction OpenSencillo.

Question: When OpenSencillo connect the module?
Ask: Before loading yourcode.php.

Question: Can I move code from yourcode.php into modules?
Ask: Yes, of course.


OpenSencillo file system

File system after OpenSencillo installation.

OpenSencillo 2015.003 file system

System folders:

  • fw_cache – folder for OpenSencillo Cache or QuickCache subsystem
  • fw_core – OpenSencillo and LightWeight Sencillo main core
  • fw_doxygen – doxygen configuration for create docs
  • fw_headers – config and core modules layer (if you want find core modules and system configuration)
  • fw_libraries – system libraries for standard OpenSencillo PHP classes
  • fw_modules – destination for custom modules. If you write new module, save it here.
  • fw_templates – destination for all templates

System files:

  • .htaccess – special file for configuration your hosting
  • firststart.json – information about first start your OpenSencillo installation
  • ajax.slot.php – file for obtaining and sending AJAX request
  • basicstrap.php – basic requires for bootup OpenSencillo before your PHP code
  • cache.php – usable if cache is Allowed
  • index.php – introducing OpenSencillo basicstrap
  • yourcode.php – if you write main code for your webpage, save it here. It is most important file for all your projects.