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Creating basic module

PHP code needs to be divided into multiple parts? Use OpenSencillo modules. You can then create logical units separate from the source code yourcode.php.

Obrazovka z 2015-01-28 19:41:35

  1. Open folder fw_modules.
  2. Create folders that will have the name of your module (for example: mymodule). At least one file in the folder must contain the name.
  3. Open folder mymodule and create info_mymodule.php, install_mymodule.php and main_mymodule.php. If you not use prefix, lib_identificator.php bootup module as basic code without installer.
  4. Add to info_mymodule.php simple information about module.
  5. Enter code to install_mymodule.php to install the module database tables, and other code needed for installation.
  6. Use main_mymodule.php to insert any code that need to be separated. Code shall be made for the introduction OpenSencillo.

Question: When OpenSencillo connect the module?
Ask: Before loading yourcode.php.

Question: Can I move code from yourcode.php into modules?
Ask: Yes, of course.