OpenSencillo file system

File system after OpenSencillo installation.

OpenSencillo 2015.003 file system

System folders:

  • fw_cache – folder for OpenSencillo Cache or QuickCache subsystem
  • fw_core – OpenSencillo and LightWeight Sencillo main core
  • fw_doxygen – doxygen configuration for create docs
  • fw_headers – config and core modules layer (if you want find core modules and system configuration)
  • fw_libraries – system libraries for standard OpenSencillo PHP classes
  • fw_modules – destination for custom modules. If you write new module, save it here.
  • fw_templates – destination for all templates

System files:

  • .htaccess – special file for configuration your hosting
  • firststart.json – information about first start your OpenSencillo installation
  • ajax.slot.php – file for obtaining and sending AJAX request
  • basicstrap.php – basic requires for bootup OpenSencillo before your PHP code
  • cache.php – usable if cache is Allowed
  • index.php – introducing OpenSencillo basicstrap
  • yourcode.php – if you write main code for your webpage, save it here. It is most important file for all your projects.