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mysqlInterface Class Reference
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mysqlEdit mysql

Public Member Functions

 dbCreateTable ($array)
 insert ($array)
 filter ($def)
 update ($array)
 select ($array, $update=false)
 config ()
 connect ()
 validator ()
 debug ()
 execute ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mysqlEdit
 newColumn ($name, $type="INT")
 prepareTable ($name)
 uniqueKey ($keyName)
 createTable ($name)
 openTable ($name)
 insert ($values)
 set ($column, $value)
 update ($if, $sets=null)
 delete ($if)
 output ($if="`id`>0", $order="`id` ASC", $limit=1000)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mysql
 __construct ($DBHost, $DBName, $DBUser, $DBPass)
 query ($sql)
 write ($sql)
 close ()
 test ()
 integrity ($type)

Protected Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

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Detailed Description

test need

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Member Function Documentation

config ( )

Create database protected configuration arrray

Definition at line 583 of file core_sql.php.

connect ( )

Create database connection

Definition at line 596 of file core_sql.php.

debug ( )

Write query error log

See Also

Definition at line 638 of file core_sql.php.

execute ( )

Execute database multiline query and return result


Definition at line 647 of file core_sql.php.

select (   $array,
  $update = false 

ignore first N items

ignore last N items

out - addcode

Definition at line 465 of file core_sql.php.

validator ( )

Check SQL code for error


Definition at line 621 of file core_sql.php.

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