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Gentellela Admin is a free to use Bootstrap admin template. This template uses the default Bootstrap 3 styles along with a variety of powerful jQuery plugins and tools to create a powerful framework for creating admin panels or back-end dashboards.

Theme uses several libraries for charts, calendar, from validation, wizard style interface, off-canvas navigation menu, text forms, date range, upload area, form autocomplete, range slider, progress bars, notifications and much more.

We would love to see how you use this awesome admin template. You can notify us about your site, app or service by tweeting to . Once the list will grown long enough we will write a post similar to this to showcase the best examples.

Theme Demo

Gentelella Bootstrap Admin Template

**Template Demo**

Scripts included:

  • Bootstrap
  • Font Awesome
  • jQuery-Autocomplete
  • FullCalendar
  • Charts.js
  • Bootstrap Colorpicker
  • Cropper
  • dataTables
  • Date Range Picker for Bootstrap
  • Dropzone
  • easyPieChart
  • ECharts
  • bootstrap-wysiwyg
  • Flot - Javascript plotting library for jQuery.
  • gauge.js
  • iCheck
  • jquery.inputmask plugin
  • Ion.RangeSlider
  • jQuery
  • jVectorMap
  • moment.js
  • Morris.js - pretty time-series line graphs
  • jquery-nicescroll plugin
  • PNotify - Awesome JavaScript notifications
  • NProgress
  • Pace
  • Parsley
  • bootstrap-progressbar
  • select2
  • Sidebar Transitions - simple off-canvas navigations
  • Skycons - canvas based wather icons
  • jQuery Sparklines plugin
  • switchery - Turns HTML checkbox inputs into beautiful iOS style switches
  • jQuery Tags Input Plugin
  • Autosize - resizes text area to fit text
  • validator - HTML from validator using jQuery
  • jQuery Smart Wizard

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License information

Gentellela is licensed under The MIT License (MIT). Which means that you can use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software. But you always need to state that Colorlib is the original author of this template.

Project is developed and maintained by Colorlib and Aigars Silkalns

OpenSencillo PHP framework

Help with programming OpenSencillo PHP Framework. We are looking for you!

About Stable version

  • Name: OpenSencillo;
  • Licence: GNU/GPL;
  • Type: Framework;
  • Category: OpenSource;
  • Language: PHP 5.3+, JQUERY, HTML5
  • Year: 2015;
  • Build: 109;
  • Rev: 2015.109;
  • By: Bc. Peter Horváth;
  • Homepage: Open Sencillo;
  • Features: File management, File Convertors, Database management, SEO, Session & Cookies management, Hash subsystem, Translates JSON file, Unit Testing, Htaccess generator, Simple image tool ...

##How to Install

  1. Download OpenSencillo.
  2. Upload sencillo to the webroot directory on your server.
  3. Go to and show you install guide as in the picture:
    Installation screen
  4. After installation you can see default welcome screen with information about OpenSencillo.
  5. Now you can write code in yourcode.php and create profesional website.




Module types

Name structure

In version >= 2015.003



  • module
  • info
  • install
  • update

Library files

It is special modules contains system´s classes.

##Changes log

ON BUILD 2016.105

  1. Update welcome screen
  2. Update install.ini
  3. Readme update


  1. Created SAMS - Sencillo As Module Subsystem
  2. Add DIR for SAMS
  3. Add Gentenela free theme
  4. Modify new theme

2015.108 (only developers)

  1. Created class startInfo
  2. Add mail.generator.mailgen.php
  3. Add minify css library named minify.css.mincss.php
  4. Fix MySQL connection driver problems
  5. Fix config generator problem


2015.005 - 106 (only developers)

  1. New welcome page
  2. Fix #17 database foreign key problem
  3. New structgen class for generating menu or galleries
  4. Update manager tool #3 - no gui
  5. Paylock subsystem - update
  6. Add OG tags
  7. Add Snippet meta tags
  8. Fix Snippet bug
  9. Fix first start database login problems
  10. Add menu generator
  11. Fix foreigns keys in core_sql
  12. Create config class for database layout
  13. Add support config class in core_sql
  14. Add structure.generator.structgen.php for generate universal structures
  15. Add library for support Google Universal Analytics
  16. Add bootUp class for in class loading sencillo


  1. Fix #9 add io_validator in to Sencillo CORE
  2. Add Mastery product key validator
  3. Add Mastery system key lock
  4. Add float parser
  5. Add object interface for core
  6. Add welcome page (in yourcode.php)
  7. Fix installation bug


  1. New structure for module: [type]_[module-name].php
  2. Fix #5 lib_identificator is used for read modules
  3. Add bootstrap for CSS3
  4. Add bootstrap pretty installer
  5. Add relocation installer if sencillo not installed
  6. Add new MySQL Interface
  7. Cache defaults OFF
  8. Gzip cache if allow
  9. Add mysql full outer join
  10. Add mysql left join
  11. Add mysql right join
  12. Add mysql inner join
  13. Add action aliases
  14. Add mysqli update
  15. Add mysqli insert
  16. Convert to GPL3
  17. Add security hash
  18. Add INSERT to SQL installer
  19. Add SimpleImage library
  20. Close issue #2 - add new htaccess generator (library only; test need)


  1. Add mysql core function: uniqueKey
  2. Add mysql core function: prepareTable
  3. Add testing tool in to test.tool.framework.php
  4. Add testing tool function output to browser console: print_ut,print_test
  5. Removed nonobject files
  6. Comment old cookie system and old session system (as depecrated)
  7. Full comment main config (as depecrated)
  8. Fix #1 Installer problem: Problem 1,3 solved


  1. Add default login template
  2. Add default registration template
  3. Add default account template
  4. Add installer main screen template
  5. Add logman default login function


  1. Add library support system lib_identificator
  2. Add exception for load lib_identification
  3. Add information subsystem
  4. Repair mod_indentificator path
  5. Add back support for old Sencillos
  6. Add lib_identificator to bootstrap
  7. Add library for delete files named file.delete.fdel.php
  8. Fix core bugs in openTable
  9. Fix logman support version 2014.012
  10. Root folder "framework" set as variable subfolder
  11. Add check session to logman
  12. Add login by logman via hash sha512
  13. Fix translate tool (translate file not exist)
  14. Add create translate
  15. Add cache allow / disallow


  1. Repair install path
  2. Add PDF2JPG support
  3. Add prebuild path to jquery
  4. Add translate library

2014.008 - 010

  1. Add back compatible mode
  2. Upgrade installer from version 2014.005 to 2014.008
  3. Upgrade broken path in installer
  4. Upgrade broken path in core
  5. Add new path in core chmod
  6. Delete boxid from default install mode
  7. Upgrade to nodatabase module installer mod_identificator.php
  8. Add database select
  9. Add GNU GPL terms


  1. Rename folders cms_* (content management system prefix) to fw_* (framework prefix)
  2. Merged developer version to version 2014.007
  3. Upgrade mod_identificator.php from version 2014.002 to 2014.007
  4. Add default libraries
  5. Rename root folder "cms" to root folder "framework"



  1. Minimal support for modules 2014.007 and up
  2. Not support library
  3. Old layout subsystem
  4. Instalation problems in 2014.005 and older
  5. Security subsystem problem